- About us -

Wrigleyville's Asian Restaurant & Cocktail Bar. We have your favorite dishes, Ramen, Sushi, Asian Burgers, Japanese, Thai and Chinese cuisine + Full Bar & Signature Cocktails. Lunch Specials are available $9.99 Mon - Fri 11am-3pm. Delivery available. Reservations available.

the best of times are always shared at the table.


Good Food.  Good Drinks.

Good Stories.  Good Friends.


We at Bites believe that food is more than merely a part of survival, it is our passion.  It has the power to transcend languages, cultures and ethnic backgrounds.


Through food, we share our culture with new friends and old.  We share a piece of who we are. And by coming together for meals, we trade good stories while creating new ones.


At Bites we want to celebrate cultures from around the World.  We’ve been inspired by Thailand, China, Japan, Korea and more.  We are also excited by the opportunity to continue creating new recipes.


Food is always better when shared amongst friends and that is how we shape our menu.  With creative cocktails and a menu that is constantly evolving, a new story always awaits you at Bites.









Asana Nakornchai
Managing Partner


Derek Intapura
Executive Chef / Managing Partner