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Menu Update: New Dishes carefully crafted by Chef Derek Intapura

We've added new creations and fan favorites to the menu.

The Polynesian: A huge chicken sandwich with perfectly balanced bold and spicy flavors that you've never experienced before. Carefully crafted by Chef Derek Intapura. Each bite will excite your taste buds.

BITES Pad Thai: Classic Pad Thai noodles the BITES way. Add soft shell crab tempura or jumbo shrimp to sass it up. We like to keep it interesting.

Green Tea Ice Cream: Everybody wants to be cooler. End your meal with our Green Tea Ice Cream and you'll be too cool for school. Before you do that though, order the Polynesian.

Drunk Chicks: Whoo girls, drunk chicks, and party animals. These chicks are fried and sauced.

Sushi: BITES classic signature rolls are back for you to class up your meal fo' real.

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